Sandee Cassiani
Executive Assistant



Sandee Cassiani joined the RMA Team in the beginning of 2018. In her role as Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Sandee is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the daily operations at RMA’s Headquarters. Her self-motivated, highly disciplined, enthusiastic personality is the driving force behind RMA’s customer-centric service model. With over twenty-years of EA experience, Sandee brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of organizational development, marketing design, and policies and procedures oversight. Along with her business responsibilities, Sandee is also responsible for planning, designing and managing RMA’s client interactions, seasonal gala celebrations, business conferences and RMA’s Annual Meeting. Skilled in Excel, Power Point, Adobe, Publisher and a host of other business platforms, Sandee also supports the other members of the Executive Team as time allows.

Prior to joining RMA, Sandee enjoyed a progressive career in the medical field, serving as a Patient Advocate Manager & OD Advocate for a regional eye care organization. Her professional affiliations include NAPBS, MBAA and the American Association of Notaries to name but a few. Sandee is a long-time resident of Whitman and enjoys hiking, golf, cooking and traveling in her spare time.