RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS understands managing the components of the TSA Armed Security Officer Program requires considerably more thought, preparation and oversight than managing non-governmental unarmed teams.

Several critical issues must be considered and carefully addressed: 

• Officer selection

• Training

• Equipment

• Regulatory compliance


Commitment to Excellence in the Air

The single most important element of the Armed Security Officer Program is selection of appropriate officers. While the eligibility requirements allow for a large sampling of potential candidates, it is important for both the client and RMA to screen in only those candidates that meet our core philosophies. We select officers who possess:

• Commitment to excellence

• High degree of motivation

• Relevant education and training

• Excellent communications skills

• Required level of physical fitness and skill sets


RMA’s Armed Security Officers are required to have demonstrated training and knowledge in these critical areas:

• Legal responsibilities of the armed officer

• Personal injury and Constitutional law

• CPR / AED – First Responder

• Firearms proficiency

• Defensive tactics and use of restraint techniques and equipment

• Surveillance and counter-surveillance

• Effective communication techniques and verbal de-escalation

• Appropriate business etiquette

• Report writing


Prior to departure, RMA provides a briefing for all ASOs on the local regulations and codes that may affect them while in the performance of their duty and responsibilities. ASOs understand and comply with all federal, state and local regulations.

RMA strictly prohibits ASOs from utilizing federal credentials for personal use or travel, and any violation of this policy is cause for immediate termination.

RMA maintains appropriate levels of insurance at all times that this program is in effect, and will enhance the insurance coverage at a client’s request. RMA maintains $5 million combined limits for GL, E&O and PL. Certificates of Insurance (standard accord sheets) will be supplied with the specific client as a named additional insured.