A Good Guy with a Gun is a Good Way to Get Killed!

Facebook1Twitter1Linkedin0XIn the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice…

Published December 4, 2018
7 minutes read

9 Travel Tips for People Over 50!

Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0XThese simple travel tips can make all the difference in the world when traveling after…

Published October 17, 2018
3 minutes read

Is School Security An Oxymoron?

Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0XWith school starting soon it is important to ask the question “Does school security do…

Published August 28, 2018
7 minutes read

The 3 Building Blocks of Crisis Management Response…

Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0XThere are three building blocks or pillars to Crisis Management Response. Let’s take a look…

Published August 15, 2018
8 minutes read

The Capital Gazette Shooting – Security Training – What Worked…What Didn’t

Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin1XNone of the five Capital Gazette employees victimized by Jarrod Ramos thought that June 28th…

Published August 6, 2018
4 minutes read

Active Shooter, the need for more creative solutions!

Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0X2017 saw the highest number of Active Shooter events in the history of our country…and,…

Published July 30, 2018
9 minutes read