RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS is well known for the high quality of its training seminars and is a trusted provider in a variety of sectors that have unique security needs. Our trainers are both subject matter experts and excellent teachers.

From stopping workplace violence to spotting cybercrime risks, your employees are your frontline defense. Training is crucial for them to be prepared to identify, prevent and react to crises.  Do not make the mistake of assuming your employees know how to:

• Prevent or diffuse violence in the office

• Properly handle workplace separations

• Respond to a natural or man-made disaster

Every person can learn these critical skills to make your organization safer. RMA develops custom training to meet your needs. Our training curricula includes:

• Domestic violence prevention and response

• Personal protection and self-defense

• Data and cyber security and privacy protection

• Critical incident stress management

• Venue security and crowd control

• General security best practices


Good Trainers Are Good Teachers

RMA’s trainers are both subject matter experts and experienced teachers. That’s important. Knowing your subject matter and being able to effectively teach it are two separate, but critical facets of training.

Our staff of security-skills trainers have years of experience and training in teaching methods, and they are experts in the subjects they teach. They hold degrees and professional certifications, and have years of experience practicing what they preach. This combination ensures your people will emerge from training with valuable skills to protect themselves, their coworkers and the organization.

RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS trainers have presented in the following sectors:

• Financial services and banking

• Government agencies

• Health care

• Higher education

• Hospitality industry

• Law enforcement