Executive Protective Service

RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS offers executive protective services for individuals living with the threat of personal injury. Often referred to as executive protection or bodyguard services, protective services offer more than those terms imply. We offer the ability to work and live your life as normally as possible.

Threats to individuals and families are sadly real. Left unmanaged, fear can be debilitating. Daily routines and running errands get complicated and stressful. Focusing on work or anything else becomes nearly impossible. RMA's trained, discreet professionals develop and carry out security plans to help clients avoid threats and regain control of their lives.


Beyond Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services

RMA protects corporate executives and their families, high net-worth individuals, political and public figures, and others. Trained specifically in the techniques of executive protection, our professionals are strategists with a primary goal to steer the client out of harm’s way.

RMA’s protection professionals start by making a threat assessment and then developing a security plan customized to meet the specific threats. Our clients receive the level of protection needed including transportation by a specially trained driver, security presence at work, at home and while traveling. We will also recommend security equipment upgrades and oversee installation to ensure its efficacy.

RMA’s protective services plans are designed to:

•  Scale to meet the threat profile

•  Minimize exposures & threats

•  Retain a normal home life

•  Save time and work efficiently

•  Allow travel – across town or overseas


Highly Trained Law Enforcement Professionals

RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS also works cooperatively with law enforcement and corporate security teams on strategies to remove the threat. As trained professionals, we document incidents and preserve any evidence for law enforcement to pursue an arrest and charges when appropriate.

RMA’s experienced protection professionals are discreet and unobtrusive. They are trained in:

•  Advance/Logistics

•  Surveillance

•  Counter Surveillance

•  Travel

•  Emergency Medicine

•  Law Enforcement Interaction

•  Protective Driving

•  DHS-TSA Private Flight Security Certifications


Reputation for Customer Satisfaction and Discretion

RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORS started as an executive protection firm. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and discretion allowed RMA to grow to a full-service provider of corporate and personal security.

RMA has protected:

•  Corporate executives

•  Government officials

•  Political figures

•  Entertainers

•  Others