CREEPY CLOWNS: Public Safety Risk or Social Media Creation?

October 28, 2016 - 2 minutes read


Do yourself a favor this Halloween, and do not dress up as a clown. At least 23 states have seen reports of clowns menacing men, women and children.

While some incidents have been actual crimes, many more have been hoaxes or innocent behavior mistaken for evildoing.  Nonetheless, the result is the once kid-friendly icon is public enemy No. 1.

One Mississippi county has outlawed dressing as a clown in public until after Halloween.  Constitutional issues aside, it’s at least good advice, considering students at Michigan State University went hunting for clowns after a false report of sightings on campus.

In the age of social media, a series of menacing clown sightings, otherwise unconnected, are linked together and labeled a trend.  This in turn can generate both additional false reports and copycat behaviors. The phenomena feeds on itself.  In each case, local police appear to have taken the reports seriously, as they should.

Aside from not wearing a clown disguise, how should you deal with this clown craze?

1. Use common sense to stay safe.  The same rules apply whether a stranger is dressed as a clown or not.

2. Take your children trick or treating.  They need to feel safe, and you can help them do that.

3. Talk to your children about the clown issue and how it can get blown out of proportion.

4. In general, be careful at Halloween.  It’s an opportunity to hide one’s identity, regardless of the costume.

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