Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

May 26, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Hugo_IRHurricane season starts June 1 and federal forecasts predict the possibility of an active season.  Is your organization prepared for a hurricane or other devastating crisis?

If you hesitated for even a moment to answer that question in the affirmative, it’s time to dust off your crisis management plan – or create one!  The alternative is allowing a hurricane, fire or other disaster close your organization temporarily or even permanently.

Preparing for a hurricane is a great way to prepare for most disasters.  These storms present a number of specific challenges.  First, they tend to hit our nation’s most densely populated areas with some of the highest property values. Second, their path is fairly predictable, but they tend to be fairly unpredictable when it comes to duration.  And third, unlike many disasters that are one-time occurrences, one hurricane can follow another in close succession, leaving little time for recovery.

NOAA and the National Hurricane Center both predict the potential for intense storms this season, defined at category 3, 4 or 5.  This surge is due in part to rapidly dissipating El Nino conditions and higher than average sea temperatures.

If past is truly prologue, we know that certain regions of the country will undoubtedly face the wrath of Mother Nature in the coming months. To help your organization prepare, RMA will focus on crisis preparation and management throughout the month of June.  We hope the information is thought-provoking and useful, and invite you to call us at 781-871-2500 for more information.