Lottery Winners Overlook Security

January 13, 2016 - 1 minute read

The Powerball jackpot will transform lives in an instant.  We all know
winning requires a plan and professional team: accountant, lawyer, financial
planner, and even media consultant.  But one essential team member is
universally overlooked – the security consultant.

Becoming an instant multi-millionaire makes the winner susceptible to scams,
identity theft, computer hacking, robbery and even kidnapping.  The need to
protect one’s self is paramount in successfully managing instant success.

At a minimum, a qualified security firm will be providing you these

o Close personal protection for the winner and their family.
o Threat assessments of unusual or unwanted communications.
o Background checks on newly acquired support personnel.
o Design of  an integrated, in-home security system that incorporates
the winner’s lifestyle, daily routines and projected travel schedules.
o Coordination and selection of  various travel-related components, to
include private air carriers, limousine services, and lodging on a local,
regional, national and global basis. Oversight of the safety and reliability
of the winner’s cyber usage, including personal devices, home networks and
travel-related cyber support services.

These are particularly important in the first two years of the winner’s
newly acquired wealth.

We all dream of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but it’s important to
understand the challenges associated with instant success.  Fail to include
a personal security consultant in your jackpot plans, and your luck may run