Will A Crisis Overwhelm Your Management Team?

June 1, 2016 - 2 minutes read

crisis-aheadIn a crisis, will you and your organization’s leadership be able to think clearly and function normally?

With the official start of hurricane season, let’s talk about the importance of developing crisis management plans for your organization.

Without a crisis management plan, you should anticipate two outcomes:

  1. Crises are sudden, unexpected, traumatic incidents, capable of overwhelming one’s ability to think clearly and/or function normally.
  2. Without prior planning, documentation and training, a crisis can quickly overwhelm management and create an unhealthy and dangerous state of chaos for employees.

You need a plan, so what goes into it?

Crisis planning is detailed, intense work.  Most plans we see are too high level and fail to provide any real guidance in an emergency.

To get your crisis management plan where it needs to be, your medium- to large-size organization will need a crisis management team. They will need a budget, and their work is ongoing as plans must be dynamic, requiring continuous updates and version control.

The plan should anticipate disasters and provide detailed instructions for handling the situations, including how you are going to keep the business operating when the power is out and employees cannot get to work.

In upcoming blog posts this month, we will explore the tools you will need, anticipating and practicing for disasters, the importance of communications, and post-event review.

If you have questions or concerns about your organizations readiness, please call us at 781-871-2500 to learn how Risk Management Advisors can help you prepare.

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